Hi there, thanks for allowing me to be a beta tester for your app. Here are some initial observations I have made while going through the lessons.
When I start Note Durations and some other trainings, the page starts out scrolled to the bottom, so I need to scroll up to read from the top.
In perfect fifth, it says the Star Wars starts with a minor 3rd, I believe it should state perfect fifth. Next page with wedding march says that it is also minor 3rd.
The ear training could be notes other than always C, it’s easy to identify the difference between two intervals when played from the same root note back to back - you just wait to hear for a change and then select the other answer. But maybe that could wait until after the beginner lessons.
In major and minor 2nd ear training as well as other ear trainings, sometimes audio would cut out for one of the notes around halfway through.
Could be more info on tritone, wasn’t very clear.
Frozen white screen after clicking advanced chord tone identification.
So far so good, though, for going over the basics. The quiz portions are nice in that it doesn’t punish you too much for getting an answer wrong. The layout is easy to work through and to figure out where to go next. The colors are not too abrasive or harsh.
Looking forward to seeing more content.